Consultation: £40 per session

The consultation will last 50 mins and offers an opportunity to discuss some of the issues at hand. We can discuss the process and consider the ways in which we may work together. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions and air any concerns.

Fees: £60 per session

Each session is 50 mins long. There is a 48hour cancellation policy in which we will try and find an alternative slot. If a new slot is not found, the session will still be charged. 

Skype Session: £40

Each session is 50 mins long. It is important that when you enter into a skype session you consider privacy and environment.

Concessions are available upon request 

Payment is to be made at the initial meeting with cash. 

There is no facility to take credit/debit card payments at the initial session. If you decide you would like further sessions, you can pay either in cash or online by Direct Bank Payment.

Invoices can be made for the end of each  month.



Available weekdays, weekends and evenings 

Clients I work With 


Young Adults (16+) 




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